Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The tradition of a boutonniere

We all know that boutonniere's are a tradition that men wear them for weddings, prom, and other special events but why? Well, I am going to tell you...

Originally these boutonniere's were created for reasons just as the bridal bouquet was: to hide bad smells, diseases, and evil spirits. 
I am not too convinced about the diseases and evil spirits but they sure were on to something with the bad smells.
It is also said that back in the Medieval period that as a token of affection female admirers would give literal knight in shining armor's a scarf or flower to wear in battle. The knight would demonstrate that he was being supported in battle by a lady who adored him.

Today men typically wear their boutonniere on the left side of their suit jacket (just above the heart). These boutonniere's also typically will match the bride's bouquet if for a wedding or the woman's corsage if for prom, but they do not have to.

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