Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5 simple and easy floral tips to make your flowers last longer

As summer is approaching and the sun is shining we would share some of our favorite tricks to keep our flowers fresh and beautiful longer:

Do not keep flowers in a hot car
If you are planning to stop by a floral shop and then head off to work, maybe you should think again! Letting flowers sit in that hot of an environment can cause them to wilt faster.

Check the water level in your vase everyday
If you do not check the water levels in your vase the flowers may not have any which will make them die faster. 

Keep in a cool location away from sunny windows 
This is just like leaving them in a hot car, if you keep the flowers next to a window will cause the flowers to get hot and wilt quicker. 

Keep flowers away from fruit
Ripening fruit gives off a an odorless invisible gas called ethylene, this gas is completely harmless to humans but will cause your flowers to die quicker. 

Cut and recut flowers every time you take them out of water
When you cut the flowers stems you are exposing the flowers to fresh tissue that will help them be able to absorb water more efficiently and keeping them alive longer.

Hope these few basic tips help your flowers last longer and brighten your home this summer season.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fresh Mistletoe

Fresh Mistletoe is now in our store and these babies sell out QUICK! As a reward for being loyal Campus Floral followers you guys are the first to know, so come and get some for $4.99 while supplies last.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The tradition of a boutonniere

We all know that boutonniere's are a tradition that men wear them for weddings, prom, and other special events but why? Well, I am going to tell you...

Originally these boutonniere's were created for reasons just as the bridal bouquet was: to hide bad smells, diseases, and evil spirits. 
I am not too convinced about the diseases and evil spirits but they sure were on to something with the bad smells.
It is also said that back in the Medieval period that as a token of affection female admirers would give literal knight in shining armor's a scarf or flower to wear in battle. The knight would demonstrate that he was being supported in battle by a lady who adored him.

Today men typically wear their boutonniere on the left side of their suit jacket (just above the heart). These boutonniere's also typically will match the bride's bouquet if for a wedding or the woman's corsage if for prom, but they do not have to.

Boutonniere's in photos were done by us for a wedding. Contact us and set up a complementary wedding consultation at 801.422.2840

Photos by:
check her Instagram and Facebook out: @jenissephotography https://www.facebook.com/JenissePhotography


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

900 deliveries. say whaaat?

Google Fiber contacted us with a huge promotion to deliver 900 flower arrangements to houses all throughout Provo. What an honor this project was to do. It took many hands wrapping the flowers, about 8 vans, 2 weekends and a miracle but we got all of these arrangements out. It was so fun to have all of the flowers in our cooler.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

hydrangeas, fall colors and creative arrangements

Unique and creative arrangements are our specialty. We love when a customer comes to us with a unique idea and making that come to life for them. We do events of all sizes and make each arrangement special and beautiful. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Marin + John

One of our favorite events to do is WEDDINGS! 
We love the way every single bride is different and has her own vision of her perfect day. 
A bride's wedding day is one she dreams about almost her entire life. Helping make her special day perfect is a gift as florist we do not take advantage of. 
This wedding was a dream and so fun to arrange. 
There is something so special about each season of the year. More specifically there is something so special about weddings in each season of the year and we love embracing that. 
The beautiful photography was done by Jenisse Forbes and all of her information is below..
Photography: jenisse.com
check her Instagram and Facebook out: @jenissephotography https://www.facebook.com/JenissePhotography