Wednesday, September 23, 2015


"Chrysanthemums" or "mums" symbolize long life, joy, optimism and fidelity. They are thought to bring happiness and laughter to the home. 
If used as an indoor house plant they an help remove toxins from the air and repeal bugs.
Chrysanthemum's originated in China and is the national flower of Japan. Every year in Japan they have a "Festival of Happiness" to celebrate this flower. 
Chrysanthemum's are also the official flower of Chicago. 
The term chrysanthemum is adapted from the Greek words chrysos which means gold (its original color) and anthos meaning flower. 
These flowers also have a ton of health benefits. In Asia they have a drink called "Chrysanthemum Tea" and is used as a relaxant. It is also commonly taken to help relieve head congestion and strengthen the lungs. Chrysanthemum is a herb that helps relieve heat from the upper body such as chest and head, and is especially helpful for itchy, red eyes.
Chrysanthemum's blooms have longevity which make them a favorite for a florist to use in arrangements. 

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